Adaptation in a new job, work productivity increase and finding new motivation is easier and faster with a coach

Coaching is effective and efficient tool to help clients make good decisions, achieve targets, become a more competent manager or a better leader.

However, we often hear a wish: to make changes towards higher work satisfaction, less stress, more free time and/or improved Work Life balance.

The quality of coaching our agency provides is guaranteed by Mr. Peter Stefanyi, PCC – Professional Certified Coach.

He is accredited by well known and internationally respected organisation - International Coach Federation. He received his coach education in a leading coaching institution Erickson College, Vancouver, Canada. After graduating from internal trainer program of Erickson College Mr. P. Stefanyi is serving as an international trainer for speciality programmes in Erickson College in the area of further education for active coaches.

Focus areas for coaching:

  • Executive coaching

  • Career coaching

  • Life coaching

  • Team coaching

Benefits of coaching for client companies:

  • Improved performance and target achievement by employees

  • Improved motivation of employee

  • Employee skills development

  • Improved relationships

  • Effective action oriented teams and teamwork

Benefits for the employee:

  • Improved feeling of Empowerment

  • Improved stability and work satisfaction

  • Ability to become „a captain of his/her own ship“

Personal potential maximisation supported by a mentor leads to a positive change in functioning of the whole company

We supply mentoring with coaching approach based on needs of our clients. Mentoring means the mentor is supplying some information and personal training combined with the mentee’s involvement through coaching approach. It is a fast track method to take the employee from low level of certain identified skill set to mastery.

Selected projects:

  • Slovenske Elektrarne – ENEL, large coaching project for all levels of management around acquiring soft skills in the setting of Health and Safety

  • Executive coaching - ongoing project for a plant manager in automotive industry

  • First line management coaching and mentoring project – permanent coach stationed with the client, automotive industry

  • Mentoring with coaching approach – fast track development of an identified „ high potential“ manager running for a high in headquarters, automotive industry